Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25, 2013

Ola! It sounds like you all had another successful week at the Dredge Home! Thanks to the family for all your emails! I love hearing from you all! First of all, here is something that I didnt want to tell you until it had passed. But about two weeks ago I started to get really sick and have crazy fevers and cold sweats. You probably could have fried an egg on my forehead...literally. I was just extremely weak and almost passed out severaly times while we were contacting and such. So we went into the doctor and had a blood test....Yeah...I had Malaria. But its passed now and all good. We cought it before it got too bad. So dont worry, yeah? Everything is good on this end now.

So that Marathon sound like a ot of fun. even though it was pretty cold. Caleb: Congrats with taking first place out of the Dredge Clan. But from what I hear Dad wasnt too far behind... Just between us two, you cant let him win. He is like 45 years old...Heh heh heh. Anyway. Good job to everybody that finished the race and to Zach too. Atta Boy! Congrats Noelle with Cheer and good luch with these new tryouts yeah?!

And yes, I have gotten schooled by some teenage boys playing soccer. They were pretty good. Yeah, Everybody and their dog here plays soccer. Whenever there is a game going on life halts and everybody watches. Especially if it is between Barcelona and Real Madrid. They set up projectors in the street and put it on the wall of some random building and bam! then you have like 80 people partying in the street and watching a soccer game. All the women carry lots of stuff on their heads and babies on their backs. They kinda tie them on with a cloth and walk around and to all the usual stuff. Kinda like a baby backpack. And they sell anything in the streets. Some of the markets smell pretty bad because of all the meat and fish that they have there sitting all day. I have litteraly gagged and almost thrown up because of the smell of all that meat cooking in the sun out on tables in the humidity. It gets kinda gross sometimes. As far as living, Yeah sometimes we all cook together. It kinda depends on who is home at the time of the meal. But so far we haven't had community prayer yet. And it just like the best two years. Whenever a person gets mail or a package it becomes everybodys. Mess wise....Well when we dont have water or energy it gets pretty dirty because nobody can do the dishes. And when we do have water and energy it gets pretty dirty because nobody wants to do the dishes. So I basically end up doing everybodys dishes because I cant take it so dirty.

And this last week it rained...ok poured. So we got to walk around in the pouring rain all day. It was fun for the first 5 hours or so, then it kinda just got annoying. But yeah. we were soaked.
But our inverstigator Slow is doing really well with the work of wisdom and he has come to church 3 times now! I really think he will go places and be strong member in the church! Alex, well, we haven't seen him for about a month now. And we think its because of his father. He doesnt want him to join our church. So we will wait. But our other awesome investigator Marciano, who has been an investigator for a long time is finally getting work. He needs to be married before he is babtized, but hasnt been able to do so because he doesnt have any money. (it costs like 500 $ to get married) So he is earning money. Finally! Im excited for him!! It is really hard to find people here. We knock on a lot of doors. A lot, because lots of the time our lessons fall through and so we do contacting. And we also meet a lot French speakers, which is a bit strange. But This work is something else. I never could have imagined what it would have been like. It is hard, but at the same time I love it so much! I learn alot and have already had some pretty spiritual experiences with teaching the people here. I love it! Smelly meat and all!! But I cant wait to hear from you all again! Keep the faith and just remember how simple this gospel is. Christ lives and he loves us, all we need to do is love him back and keep his commandments. He has given us everything. We just need to do our part. I love you all so much! Be safe and trust in the lord!

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