Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 1, 2013

So, We are doing a little bit of email right now and will do the rest later. But my package has not yet arrived but I will let you know when it gets here. We found out Transfers and I will be working with Elder Clifford!! Im pretty excited for that and I know that it will be a great experience! He will be the District leader so that will be cool!  And could I get Trevors and Chases email? That would be great! And just for the books I am fine. Malaria is gone and I dont have the symptoms anymore. But I sure do sweat a lot more since I had it. Thank you for all the updates on the ward and Zac Welsh and all those awesome people! And for the pictures!! Thanks! That sure looks like a lot of fun! But as far as Easter Dinner...I didnt even eat dinner last night. We have been out of water and energy for a week. I will explain later! Love you all!
Thank you all for the updates and good news! Jessiqa!  I still cant believe that you are going on a mission! That is so cool!! Ok, the Malaria is gone and has been gone for two weeks. No worries yeah? Sorry if it worried you a little bit but I thought you should know. Just life I guess....
My Easter Sunday. Well we went to church and there was a different spirit about it. It was, more, sacred and I felt like I learned more during the sacrament and felt the spirit more than I have before. I loved it. But everybody around here has been partying this weekend and drinking. It has been really hard to talk to ANYBODY that is not drunk or has a hangover. Not kidding, Saturday night we had a huge party going on next door that blasted their music until 4 in the morning. Yeah, didnt get much sleep that night. Our Easter dinner.... We didnt eat dinner Sunday night. We have been out water for over a week and out of energy for 5 days. It gets super hot at night. We sweat all night long, not kidding either. And I have had to take several cowboy showers. (Wipe down with a wet rag) for the past few days. That was my shower. But we have a little bit of water right now. Enough to wash dishes, clothes and take spit showers. Thats another thing. I have been washing clothes by hand for a while.....I sure do appreciate washing machines a lot more now.  They are no longer a big white thing that takes up space except for on Saturday when we use them. One thing I have come to learn is to appreciate all the basic necessities of life. All the stuff that I have taken for granted all my life.
But this week was very difficult. I found myself several times falling to my knees with nothing more to do. I have never felt so low, never felt like I could do nothing more. Never felt so utterly helpless and discouraged. I testify that prayer is the closest we get to God. Life truly is the Refiners fire. Where a person must first be beaten and melted down before he can be shaped. I know that Christ loves us and he is with us for time and eternity. He will never let us go. I love my mission! I love you all ! I love the people out her in Angola!! I LOVE MY SAVIOR JUSUS CHRIST! He is everything to me and to us. Thank you all for your support and prayers. They are very much appreciated!

Elder Dredge

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