Wednesday, March 20, 2013

February 4, 2013

This week was another one of those 90 degree with crazy humidity again! It got so hot yesterday! But the work is moving forward. It is really hard to get much done because everybody here is very laid back. Almost all of our lessons fall through ever day. We usually have 5-7 lessons planned and we usually end up doing about 3, and a lot of contacting. We run into a lot of drunk Angolans as well. I would dare say that at least 50% of the people we see on the street are drunk or at least buzzed a little bit. They always call us over and want to share a drink with us so we firmly tell them that it is bad for the Corpo. Heh, a few of the drunks wanted to get into a fight and one of them even punched me in the back of the head. It was a solid hit. So we had to yell at them for a min to calm them down and then quickly walked away. This place loves the beer... Anyway. we have 4 baptisms planned for this month!! The good thing is is that I think they will actually go through! Alex, Edson, Adeilson, and Erickson. They are all about 16-17 years old and super cool. They soak up the gospel like a sponge, especially Edson! He basically teaches us! He does all of the reading and when we ask him what he read he basically gives us a lesson! Heh, it is so cool!! That is very rare here from what I have heard. So I feel so blessed to be able to teach someone like Edson. Elder Cook is coming this weekend to do a tour of the mission!! Wohoo! We are singing this Sah-Wheet African song thing and it sounds so cool!! I am super excited for all of this. Im thinking that this will be one of the only times that I will wear my suit in the mission...hmmmm...
As far as the food goes, The juice is soooo good and they have the best flavors of soda here! I love it because they have a lot of coconut flavored stuff too! They eat this stuff called funge. Its looks like mashed potatoes and is super thick. I havent had it yet, but some elders say that it is pretty good and some say.....heh...well ya know.... Elder Wilhelm says that is sits in your stomach like a rock. They eat a lot of chicken, rice, funge, and drink beer or soda. They are all so super nice (the ones that arent drunk)! They even help me out with my Portuguese when I cant say a word right or something. They are very patient with me, which helps alot. Everything is super expensive though. I wanted to get some syrup, but it was like 20,000 Kwanzas (20 bucks)! Ahh! super expensive!  And a box of cereal is just about 6 bucks!
I do definitely have a testimony of the gift of tongues. Because when I have no idea how these people understand what I am saying when I say it...probably because I dont understand it either. I know that this gospel is real! And that the missionaries are instruments in the hands of the lord. Jesus Christ lives! I have born my testimony in the past 3 weeks more than have in my entire life! It is so awesome! This work is the real work! And like Pres Holland said, " This is as close to real life as you will ever get!" I testify that the heavens are open and that the lord is hastening his work! There are 38 missionaries here in Angola right now and soon to be more! I am so excited for all of this work to take place! Jesus Cristo Soffreu por nossos pecados e por nossos vidas! Ele Vive!! I love you all! And look forward to hearing from you! Take luck! All that luck you have... make sure and take it with you! Take care of the luck that you might have...yeah, anyway...
Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you about all the cockroaches! Ahhh! They are everywhere in our house! When I took off my sheets this morning I found a little friend that had been sleeping with me... heh unlucky for him I decided to roll over in my sleep. So he was kinda all over the bed... nice and flat! Ahh It was nasty! They are always in the kitchen and scatter when you turn on the lights. There are lot other interesting bugs too. little ants that climb all over the walls, and tons of flies. We are lucky and dont get too many flies but its all good!!

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