Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014

Hey there family!
Wow it looks like the week was full of adventures! CONGRATULATIONS ZACH!!! You are officially a member of A Igreja de Jesus Cristo Dos Santos Dos Ultimos Dias!! I am so happy and proud! You are a great little brother! And were you all in the parade. I never did have the knack of riding horses although it is something on my list of things to do in the summer...not like I have a list or anything. I still cant believe you got a rat...
We drive around in a white 15 passenger van. I will have to take a picture and send one to you next week. I guess there is a plus, we get to do email at the office. So I will be able to send a few more pictures. Elder Chatwin is from Arizona and is a lot taller than me. It seems as if all of my companions are taller than me. The only companions ive had shorter than me were Elder Kearney and Elder Francisco. Im just a short guy, I guess. Our area is called Futungo. We are working with some of the eternal investigators right now. Three of our families have known the church for more than a year. I have only met all of them only once because I only have been in the area for a very short time. But I really like them and am growing to love them all!!!
I still cant get over driving around everywhere. Its a lot different than catching a taxi or walking. I might put on a bit of weight sitting in a car all day. The traffic here is horrible. Without notice or reason a four lane road will suddenly be reduced to a one lane road and then we have the bottleneck effect. Its crazy. So that is the downside to driving in a car, traffic. President said that I might be getting my licence and take over driving the truck. That will be an adventure.
Also...Happy birthday America!!!! As you all know this week was the fourth of July. So to celebrate we made hamburgers and fries, and went and taught the gospel!! It was a great day, I will include a picture.
Im not sure how Caitano and Palmira are doing because I left the area. I hope they are doing well. The other Elders said that they went over Saturday night and that it went well. I hope and pray that they progress.
That's about it for me this week. I am loving it! Today I studied in Alma about prayer and counselling with the lord in all our works. Alma 26 and Alma 37. Those are some great guides as to how one should pray and truly commission with the Lord through prayer and receive answers. I know that we are able to talk with God though our prayers and all good thoughts that are directed to him. And I know that he hears them. He knows. So the next time any of us is in doubt, I hope we fall to our knees and petition Heavenly Father for the ability to align our will with his. It is possible. I love you all so much and pray for you every day!! I wish you the best of weeks!!!
Com amor
Elder Dredge
Jose Francisco and his wife.

And here is the infamous Feliciana. I love these people so much. It was hard to leave Benfica.
                                                      Here is Isabel and her family. 
This is our spider friend. Don't worry, my hand is about a foot away. And its just there to show you how big that sucker was. It was huge,,, for me anyway.
                          Here I am on the way home from soccer... This is my "got lost" look.

                                                         Fourth of July scheduling

July 1, 2014

Hello Family!

Well it was good to hear from all of you this week!! Wow! Lots of news! Jake and Tiffany, Congratulations!!! That is so cool, I remember playing soccer with Jake Ure. Good times! Funge is said like phoonje. Its kindof hard to write out like that, but that's the best I= could come up with.

Well we had a great week full of miracles and the Hand of the Lord everywhere we went. We are working with lots of couples. That is actually our focus. On Sturday we had an amazing visit with Caitano and Palmira. They are a new couple that we met several weeks ago and have come to church a few times. We went there with member of the Branch district Irmao Nataniel. It was amazing. We had planned it out and, talked with Nataniel and then All day Caitano didn't answer his fone. It was very stressful, but we still met up with Nataniel, which was a little difficult and then headed out in the middle of nowhere hoping that they were in house. It was such a relief to turn the corner and see the light of their house on. Whew... It felt so good to kow they were home. Because most of our appointments also fell through this week so it was a great blessing to not have this one fall through.

On Monday we all got together and had a party for the Birthday of the mission. One year ago on the 1st of July we became a mission. It was super fun. We had another championship soccer tournament. We split up according to districts. It was a blast. I bought some shoes on the side of the street for 5 bucks that worked great. Then we had a delicious feast the President and Sister, the Abdos and the Henrys prepared for us. It was amazing! Then we all gathered around to look at transfers. I was shocked when I saw my picture up in the spot of Assitant to the Presidente... Yeah, So I am the new assistant and will be serving with Elder Chatwin. I am nervous, to say the least but am excited to serve where the Lord has called me.

Well I wish you all the best of weeks! I love you all and pray for you always.

Com Amor

Elder Dredge

June 23, 2014

Hey family!

We had a pretty good week, I was more difficult and stressful than the others. Almost all of our lessons every single day fell through. So we were left with no choice but to knock doors and do contacting. Elder cook is doing great and is really picking up with the Language. Today is actulally his Birthday, Speaking of birthdays, Happy birthday Gramma Dredge!!!! I love you!! And happy birthday Zach!! on the 27th of course!!! your going to be 8!!! Wow!! Congradulations!! Your growing up so much!! I hope you all have the best birthdays ever!!

We are seeing the miracles of the Lord everyday. Sometimes if I dont pay attention I miss them and they fly right past.

On Thursday we had lunch and, yep, you guessed it, Funge. Elder cook actually helped make it. All it is, is cornflower and another type of flour mixed together and put in boiling water. The taste isnt that bad, its just the texture. I thought I was over it and had, had enough funge to consider myself a veteran, or so I thought. While eating one particular bite several chunks of funge slid down my throat and agitated my gag reflex... oops... nah, I didnt vomit or any drastic thing like that, but I came as close to vomiting as you can and still not vomiting. My stomach convulsed, my abs squeezed, my chest collapsed, and I instinctively turned to the side in the event that if it did come back up it wouldnt get all over the table. Long story short, The Dredges have naturally strong throat muscles. It took me a minute to take the next bite...but I finished the plate. Whew.

Our big success of this week was Isabel and Danilson. We were able to mark dates of marriage, baptism, and Temple marriage with them. They have been investigators for more than a year now and have been waiting on casamento. It finally happened!! They accepted the date of 17 October for Marriage and 18 for their Baptism. And their son John will be able to perform the baptisms. It will be a special moment for them. And in October of the following year they are going to be traveling to the temple to be sealed as a family for time and for all eternity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im doing great and Loving every min of it, And if im not loving it im at least trying to love it and think of how much I will love it in the future :)

Well, its about that time of the day again. I love you all and wish you the best of weeks! I love this gospel and the Lord. He knows whats best for me, and even if I dont know why, or what, he still loves me, inspite of my natural and selfish desires. I thank him so much for putting up with me. The scriptures are the source of eternal truths. I love pouring over their pages. This is the Gospel of Christ.

Com amor

Elder Dredge

June 16, 2014

Im sorry I dont have a lot of time. Yesterday we went to the Orphanage and stayed there for most of the day thus leaving little time to do any of the normal Pday activities. It was a great experience and was very heartwarming and very humbling. We have so much STUFF! I cant believe how much we are spolied. Gratitude.
I am so glad that you are all doing great, with all the new jobs, races, games and what not. Happy Fathers day dad!!!! I love you. And I love you Mom, Jessiqa, Noelle, Caleb, Emma, and Zach. And all of you other wonderful human beings that read this very short email. Also I would like to send a HAPPY BIRHDAY to Grampa Dredge!! Way to go grampa!
We are doing great. Just trying to help people understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I LOVE MY MISSION!! Elder Cook is an amazing missionary!!
I love you all and wish you all a great week!
Elder Dredge