Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March 11, 2013

Ola Familia!! Thanks mom for those recipies. I dont know when I will be able to print them off but when I do I will let you know. And I am sending pictures to you, hopefully they get there this time. Thanks to the Family for all writing me an email! You are all the best!! I always love to hear the good ol news from home! And it sounds like everybody is doing fine! Mom; there is only one adress for the whole mission, so anything sent has to be sent to that adress. As far as music, just put it on a flash drive. We have these mini DVD players that we watch training films on and they have a slot for a flash drive. So we just got a new announcement from the misisonary department that Misisonaries can email family, friends, and recent converts! So I guess pretty much anybody can email me now. But a good old fashioned letter is always good to get too.
So, first of all, two weeks ago Elder Wilhelm and I made a cake to celebrate life and Jessiqa's, Emma's, and his Dad's birthday! But yesterday we met a guy who stopped us in the road and said that he had seen us on a movie and was wondering what we were doing in Angola. We asked him what movie and he said The Other Side of Heaven! ahhhhh! It was great! How often does that happen! So we got his info and hopefull will be meeting with him sometime this week! Also we have had a lot of energy problems and we dont have energy right now. But frinday night our powe box literally blew up! Like it was on fire and everything. It was like 10 feet above our heads so all we could do was throw water on it....yeah I know bad idea, But we put it out and the craxy part was that we still had energy because the wires were somehow still connected..they were just on fire, but still connected. But now we are out of energy. And we had a guy come and pray our appartment with bug killer stuff. So every morning we wake up to 10ish new dead cokroaches...The first morning after he sprayed we had a good 25-30, and they are big too! Edson Was finally confirmed In church on Sunday! He was still really sick and had to have somebody in the Branch go pick him up. But he did it!! Alex was not baptized becaue his dad wont let him right now, so we are going to try and talk to him to let him be baptized. Because he will be baptized when he turns 18 anyway. And Erickson moved away for a while so we dont know what he wants to do right now. But he should be back soon. Luzia (the mom) comes to church every Sunday and is just so awesome. She even befriended one of our other investigators that came to church and was showing him around! and it was only here 2nd time!! She is just amazing! All this news of being made a new mission is just so exciting and I cant wait to see hand of the Lord really take hold of Angola!
This work really is my favorite thing in the world. There is just nothing like helping someone come unto Christ. It is a feeling that I just cant describe! And I love it so much! We are really working alot and we had 9 investigators at church!! bahhhhh!! That is like an all time record! I know that the Lord is in everything and that he is blessing the people here in Angola and everywhere in the world! This work is REAL!! I love you all and will hear from you next week. sorry it is a little shorter because of pics
Check out the bars on those windows...

The investigators

First baptism!

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