Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March 18, 2013

Ola! It was so good to hear from you all! Thanks for your Emails!  Heh Caleb, I'll try and not let our electrical box blow up again. I will try and send more pictures in a few weeks when I have good ones to send. And yes, every single house has bars on the windows. People like to steal a lot of stuff here. Most houses have two doors. The first is a basically a big metal slab and the real door is about 5-6 feet behind it. That just how it is here.
But things are really going good here. It was a little bit slower week than usual because lots of our people dropped and we probably won't wont be having a babtism for a while. But our second transfer will be over in like 2 weeks! Ahhhhhhhh! So fast! I am at last done being trained. Time just flies when you are are doing the work of The Lord. It rained a lot and got really really muddy. They don't have drains in the roads here either so there was a lot of water in the roads. It was quite a spectacle to see little 4-door cars try and go through 2 feet of water.
Luzia, we found out wants to wait for baptism until she feels like she is completely and fully ready to put her heart into it. She will totally be baptized, just not now. Maybe in a month or two. Which is still amazing, and considering our calling here is establish the church we need people that will be strong and continue as good members. We still haven't talked to Alex in like 3 weeks because of school and the fact that he moved. But he is still in our area, we just don't know exactly where he is. And he hasn't been coming to church and I think his dad is keeping him from us a little bit too. We have another investigator named Slow. He is an amazing man. He is about 28 and has been drinking for most of his life, but since we have been talking to him and made a plan with him to quit he has really been trying hard and so far is doing amazing. And he walks for about 40 min every Sunday to come to church. What a champ!! I also want to tell you about one of the members that we walk with a lot, his name is Calvilho. He is such an amazing man and helps us out so much. And he dresses super fly all the time. He speaks Portuguese and French, so at is helpful because we run into a lot of French speakers.
Congrats Jessiqa for deciding to go on a mission! That's awesome! 
Well, that's about it for this week. The language is still really hard and I still struggle every day to speak the language and I hope it clicks soon.
I love it here! Cockroaches and all! Ok,...maybe not the cockroaches. But this work is the best part of my life so far. And also one of the hardest things i have done but The Lord strengthens us because it is his work. I love people here and the other missionaries that I serve with! This is just the best ever! Miracles happen everyday here in our lives and in the lives of the the people. And I know that that it is the hand of The Lord molding and refining us and the people. Thank you all for your support and for being the best family ever!!!

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