Wednesday, March 20, 2013

February 11, 2013

Hey Yall! First of all I would like to say thank you to Mom, Dad, Noelle, Caleb and Bishop Peterson for writing me! Thank you all so much! In answers to Noelles questions, heh, yeah, Im getting pretty tan, and I also just shaved all my hair off this morning so I look a little strange (at least I think I do).  Heh I havent eaten a lot of wierd stuff yet but i have eaten some exotic fruits. I cant remember what its called but its a little bit biger that my fist, green, has thorns on the outside and is shaped like a heart. It was really good...until I found out that it had maggets in it...yeah...I ate maggets.  Our house runs out of water ever now and then, but the energy goes out several times a week for about half a day. So im getting good at "spit baths." We have a big house but no furniture. I will have to send you some pictures some time, when we find a place that we can. Heh, yes, they give us plenty of money for food and to live. but we do have to budget a little bit. I usually spend about 60-70 bucks a week on food. Its pretty expensive. We eat a lot of rice and beans and spaghetti. The basic cheep stuff. A half gallon of Ice cream is anouit 21$. As far as the culture, they are a very relaxed people and party all night and sleep for half the day and drink beer. Heh, thats just the roudy crowd though. All of the women carry stuff on their heads and sell stuff in the streets. There are alot of different curches here. But for the most part it is quite normal. I'm in the city right now so I dont get the classic Africa look with some black guy standing there with a spear and a lion in the background. Life is just very simple here. Heh, no we havent tought the "get away car guy" yet. But hopefully soon! Heh, yeah, no more drunk guy stories...sorry... heh. But a couple of days ago we were walking out from underneath a bridge and somebody threw a generator frame (yeah the metal bars that are welded together that go on the outside of generator) off of the bridge and it kinda nailed Elder Wilhem. Not a generator, just the frame. But anyway we went to the clinic and he got 5 stiches in his head. It was super wierd. Not in a million years would I have thought of that. He is fine now though. Gets the stiches out in a few days. Maybe be a little conservative on the packages until I find out how much they cost. We have to pay for them when they get here, and it differs by wieght...I think.
Anyway. Just an update on our investigators Edson, Alex, Erickson, and Adielson are doing great! They are all excited for babtism! and We have a few more that are willing to be babtized also! Elder Cook ( of the 70) Came this last week for 3 days to our mission! He tought us so much that we need to know and got us all super excited for the work here! "Now is the time for Angola" he said! I love it! We also had Stake Conference, or what is equivelent to it. Elder Cook talked in both meetings and talked and tought exactly what we needed to hear! I never realized how much of an effect working with ward leaders had until I got here. (this is what he talked about, along with ward missionary work, families, and meetings). It is to important that the Branch Presidency knows everything that is going on with the missionaries and visa versa. We walk with a member as much as we can! They are all so amazing and have such amazing conversion stories. One of my favorite members is Guilierme! He is the same age as us, walks with us all the time, knows his scriptures front to back, (he hasnt even been a member for a year), and he is preparing to serve a mission!! He is so amazing!
Speaking is geting easier and I feel comfortable now with talking to people. It is a lot easier. We do a lot of contacting and door knocking. Classic huh. Because most of our lessons fall thurouh every day, mostly because of the laid back attitude and they forget a lot. But we usually have the lesson another day. But I know that this work is true! And that the The lord really does watch out for his missionaries! Jesus Christo is our savior and redeemer! Thank you all for being so amazing and im sorry this isnt very long and a lot of words may be spelled wrong but know that I love you!!

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