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December 16, 2013

Hope you got those fotos. I sent I think 5.
But hey family!!!
Wow! You all had a crazy week! Car crash...almost. Spectacular play! Snow and everything! How is the snow by the way? Lots or little? Thanks for sending that stuff to Elder Francisco. It was so hard to let him go. Us three grew very close. I know he will be a great missionary! He is far from home and the only member of his family that is a member. If thats not a living witness of faith I dont know what is.
I never knew that dad was a stunt driver. That story you sent me should be published or something. You did always life life on the edge...Im sorry to hear about Brother Dave Jones. I got thinking a lot about that and the perfect plan of happiness that the Lord has in store fo us. It brings a lot of comfort to me and to millions of other members of the church.
Elder Pimentel is a great missionary. Very excited all the time and alwyas willing to joke around. But always ready to share his testimony. He is a very powerful missionary and I have already learned a lot from him. He was the first to be baptized in his family and over the year before his mission converted most of his family!! He came out on the mission with one year as a member. Our schedule doesnt change too much just that we have one training each month to give to the zone and we do divisions with the 3 districts in our zone and we will be going and visiting their district meetings every now and then. Not much as far as I know. I was just put here last week so Im not up to date on all the stuff we do, but those are a few of the things. And yes we still have our own area that we will be working in. As a matter of fact the other day we contacted and tought a reference that I gave to this area when I was in Viana. Heh. I remembered talking to the woman, Felizbina, and hearing her story. I left her a pamphlet of The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Lo and behold 3 weeks later I end up teaching my own reference. And she is an amazing woman as well. She has 6 kids. The oldest is 23 and the youngest is 4 and is parylized to the pont that he cant talk or walk. But he can hear. Felizbina held him in her lap as we tought her about the love that the Lord has for her and her family and her son Carlos. It was a very spiritual lesson and I could tell that the spirit was working inside of her. It was fun to talk to Carlos and to see him smile and giggle. I sure hope we are able to see them again.
But this week consisted of saying goodbye to Elder Francisco and Elder Dunkley who is now in Lubango. Oh, on Friday we gave a small training. I had merely unpacked my bags and my second day as a Zone Leader I get to give a training. It all went well but I have to admit I was a bit nervous. In the end it wasnt all that difficult. On Monday (last) We said goodbye to Alberto and Glaudice. It was a very emotional conversation. They are so close to getting married and Glauice getting baptized. They are turning into very strong members. Always willing to help and do whatever is needed of them. They dont have a lot. In fact I would go as far as to say that they have almost nothing of great wordly worth. But they have more of what matters most. I love that family so much. On Sunday I met a lot of new faces and kids and people and Branch President Armada etc... Its crazy introducing yourself to a hundred new people in one day and then trying to remember their names. One thing that Elder Hamilton falou was that "Every Missinoary a member." Pretty close to the original but with more meaning for the missionaries. It is no small task. But I love this new area. IN fact I have already gone on 3 divisions before I arrived here. So I already knew some of the members and investigators.
Before I forget we will be doing Skype on the 25th at about 16 hours/ 4:00 our time. That would be about 8ish for you in Utah. but you might want to double check the time zones, I dont exactly remember. But I will send an Email more or less 20 min before I get on Skype.
I did open the Package!! And yes the Toffe did make it and everybody loves it! Oh super tasty! I gave Elder Dunkly the present before he left. And some of those bracelets I gave to the girls of Alberto and Glaudice. I have already given out some of the ties as well!! They love them. Thanks! Dont worry. I didnt open any of the wrapped packages yet. Today we bought a tree, since there is no bush or shrub here in the city that we could cut down. I will take a picture and send it you as soon as we decorate it.
I cant believe that its almost Christmas again!! Time just flys out the window when you roll it down too far huh?. Where does alll the time go? I miss you all alot and love you all very much!! Happy week until Christmas!! Be safe and dont try anymore car stunts :)
Love Elder Dredge

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