Saturday, March 1, 2014

December 30, 2013

Christmas! New year! What is the deal!
Oh man I loved talking to you all on Christmas! That was great! The Venancios are great people, not to mention that he owns his own company. But from the sounds of it things are "running" smoothly. And dad tells me that the "race" never ends. Wow I couldnt do that, "going and going" in the not so warm air. Im trying to liken everything to a race, but its not working out very well. Zach! You are losing teeth like crazy! The tooth fairy must be getting tired. Sorry you didnt get the violin, maybe next year. But hey you will be getting some new teeth soon. Emma with the new tablet, wow!! Upgrade! Noelle I would have to say that I am relieved that you are ok and almost unscathed from that crazy car crash. But really, be careful out there on those slick roads. Here all you have to worry about is... well lets just say that you dont have to worry about sliding on the Black Ice. Just be careful. And that goes for the rest of you with a drivers licence! I havent heard anything from Caleb for a while. Hows it going over there in the frozen winter wonder land little brother?! Are you skiing at all? Mom and Dad, Happy Anneversario do Casamento!!! Para bens!!
It does not feel like last week was Chirstmas and this week is New Years. But last week was a different schedule and was full of random stuff. One was because of Christmas and all the hustle and bustle of the season and two because of the work. It is totally unpredictable every day we walk out the door. Its kind of exciting. But on Thursday night we were doing some contacting outside of the local Super market "Nosso Super." We asked an older woman who seemed to be carrying a lot of goceries if she could use some help. She accepted and we proceeded to walk to the nearest Pragem (where all the taxies are) with Gorceries in hand. (side note, she had a lot of bags but most of the stuff inside was light and fluffy, a little decieving) We went to the paragem and waited for a min the whole time talking about the church and asking questions, the usual. And then she asked us If we could just walk with her to her house. ummm, ok, sure. She said It was just up the street. Anyway, 30 min later we finally plopped down the goceires on her living room table. Her name is Emelia and she invited us to come back. We went back On Saturday and tought her and her brother (who is a marine). It was one of the most powrful lessons that I have had the privelage to participate in. Wow, She loved everything we had to say. Clung to every word. At the end She bore poweful testimony about what she was feeling and thinking. Yesterday she came to church. We will be sitting with her on Tuesday. The Spirit is the Key. The Spirit is the one who really teaches, not us.
I just have to say that I love my mission and to think that I have already been out here for a year scares me. Because that means I only have one year left. Elder Pimentel is a great missionary and I am learning so much from him. I cant put into words how much I love this people here in Angola. It is sometimes hard to look at a person and think "I really do love you." But our pourpose here is to do our best to follow the path that Jesus Christ carved. And did he deny anybody? NOPE! Ive been trying to learn more about Love and Charity. I have been studying and pondering since day one. It is a principle that is never ending. What does it mean to love? A question that has been stumping me for a while. The other day while I was studying three things came to my mind. Sacrifice, Serve, and Repent. Im not sure but I would have so say that most acts of Charity would be classified as one of these three actions. Just something that I have been thinking about latley. There is so much to learn, so much to explore and so much to Love!!

I love you all! I wish you the best of a happy new year! 2014!! Here she comes! Time is up. Be safe, be clean and have fun!
Love Elder Dredge

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