Saturday, March 1, 2014

January 13, 2014

Hey family!

Im glad that you finally recieved my letters. I guess the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season was a little much for my one letter. heh, but Im glad that it finally got there...After Christmas... You all sound very healthy. Is Noelle doing better? Zach! You want a violin! Thats good! Just make sure you pracitce it all the time. Caleb, you are getting ready for your eagle project. I remember when I did that. i was all excited until I looked at all the paperwork that I had to do. But hey, Its really not too bad. I Actually really loved scouting, all the merrit badges, and the Eagle Project. Good luck!!! Emma, you are in the presidency of the Beehives!! You will love serving the others!!

We had a great week with lots of ups and downs. We did two divisions with the other elders. We also recieved tranferrs. I will be serving with Elder Pimentel for one more transfer as zone leaders. We are getting 3 new missionaries tomorrow!!! Elder Nash, Garcia, and Hollingsworth!! I am so excited to have their extra strenght added here to help the gospel grow in Angola!!! But two missionaries are also going home ( their time is up) this next week. So our numbers will still stay the same, almost. We will be at, If im right, 34 missionaries. Its a great time to be a missionary!!!

Our area is struggling a little bit, but that doesnt change anything. We are still working hard, if anything harder. I have been so exhausted the past few days. But for some reason I am incredibly happy. Its strange what the Gospel/Mission does to you. You can be beat to a pulp, put through a grinder, one of those rolly things that compress metal, and still be the happiest guy on the face of the earth. Oh man I love it! We have not yet met the Husband of Amelia but hopefully this week will be the one. I have been reading the Acts of the Apostles in greater depth the last few weeks. I really admire the faith and power of these men. Even after the devestating death of the Savior they continued on. Sure the got dicouraged, hey if they didnt they wouldnt be human. But the pattern of their teaching fits right in with how we teach the gospel today. They asked questions, used scriptures, used testimony of other profets, personal testimony, tought of Jesus Christ, and then invited to be baptized and recieve the Gift of the Holy Ghost. It struck me more than ever that these were real men doing unreal things. The pattern of their teaching and ministry is the same as the Saviors and is the same way that the gospel is tought by thousands of missionaries all over the world. God is the same always, and he wil NEVER stop loving his children. I know the Gospel is true. I know that i have the best family on the face of the planet. I feel so blessed to be a part of our family. I love you all!!! I wish you all the best week ever!! Be safe and trust in the Lord. He knows whats best. Go find that Miracle!!

Elder Dredge

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