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February 10, 2014

Thanks for the emails everybody!

Well, first off Amelia dropped us again, she is a little unstable. She will come around, she just needs a little more time. Solange is having lots of family issues that take up lots of time. So she has not been able to come to church. We took Irma Ivone, the wife of our Branch President, with us the last time we went over. It went very well, there is nothing like woman to woman talk, but when it is based on the Gospel it is Spiritualy Powerful. And thats what happened. Spiritual Power. But she is still going to have an operation that will render her immovable for several weeks. So we are praying and visiting her often. We have already tought most of the lessons in Preach My Gospel so we are teaching a lot more from the scriptures and reading with her.

As far as the Mechanic stuff, she still hasnt bought the belt (dad you might heave to know the price of a belt) because its so expensive. $55!!! So she is saving up money just to by a belt. But yes they did love the cookies and everytime we visit they ask if I could bring more. This is the family of Marinet. They are doing great!! The two girls Inez and Nocas love going to church and being with the young women. Marinet told us that the other day after chior practice when they came home they continued to sing all night long! It is great to see them making friends. They all start school this week and they all study at different times. The only time that they are all in house is at 9 in the morning. AKA= we will be making some morniong visits.

In all we had a crazy week! We tought a lot of people. We have been passing by with a lot more fequency to those that are planning to be baptized. Most of these people will be baptized on Fev 22. Here in a couple of weeks. Our time to find more people is diminishing because of all the people we are teaching but we are still always trying to talk with EVERYONE. Its fun to say that we are missionaries of the Igreja de Jesus Cristo do Santos do Ultimos Dias. Some people take it reverntly and with respect and others not so much. The other day we were contacting and were trying to find our way around a new area. We were in the Paragem (its where all the taxies go to pick up people) and asked a man in a taxi where we could find a certain College. He and 5 other people then proceeded to give us directions to help us. On the other side of things. The same day we were knocking on some doors in a neighborhood and as we were walking down the dirt road we had some rocks thrown at us by some teenagers. We turned around and they quickly ducked into the doorway and tried to hide. I almost blew up. but held my temper and we just kept walking.

We have 3 Sisters that are Cousins to a missiary Elder Gabriel ( cousin to Elder Francisco) that we are teaching. They are Victoira (17) Luciana (14) and Maria (14). Maria and Luciana are twins. They are incredible. Weonly met them this last week. and started teaching them. They soak up information and Love the Gospel. They are also preparing to be baptized on the 22nd. Yesterday we went by and tought the 10 Commandments along with a few others. At the end of the lesson Victoria bore the most powerful testimony I have ever seen. She was moved to tears. I nearly cried. She told of the happiness that she had found in the gospel and the church and with her new friends. She also told of the criticism they were recieving from family. My heart swelled with joy. Vctoria has several debilitating problems. One of her legs is shorter than the other and is slightly twisted along with a few other things. But she and her sisters are amazing. They speak of the joy and peace that they have found in the Gospel. So yesterday we also talked with their parents. They are extremely rooted in another religeon. Their father told us that his daughters had to follow in his footsteps. It took a while and voices were even raised. But the Spirit was there. And in the end he decided that it was time for them to make their own decisions. He is is now way going to support their decision, but he is going to let them deciede what they want. The three of them were there the whole time while we were talking with him. At one point we asked him to ask them what they wanted. He asked them " Is this what you want?! You want to be baptized again!? (they had been baptized as childred). Without hesitation and almost with tears the three of them answered in perfect unison "Yes" and Victoria added "We do." He went very quiet and realized that they were no longer little children. We sat in silence for a while. In the end he agreed. It was a Miracle!! They were smiling from ear to ear!!

I love this people for many different reasons. I love you all and I know that this Gospel works miracles in the lives of all those that accept it. I know that Christ is our Savior!! I wish you all a fantastic week!

Love Elder Dredge

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