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January 27, 2014

Welp first of all to answer your questions. Life this week was long and hard and satisfying and stressfull and full of pure joy and lots of other emotions, as it always is. The zone Conference was, well, in my opinion it could have been a bit better, but we worked through it. It was all planned out and went well, but it was hot in the room because the aircondcionars were not working so it was prime time to get drowsy. I was a bit nervous but Haja o que houver e ama-lo. (come what may and love it) We emphasised on uncovering the needs of our investigators and how to ask questions an listen with the spirit. If we listen with love our investigator will tell us what they need to hear.

Amelia is running away in a sense. She has felt the Spirit and knows these things are true. Ive seen it in her and she has even told us. But sometimes other influences get the better of us. I honestly have been keeping up at night wondering what she and other investigators need. We never see her becuase she never makes time for us and she did not come to church this week. So we are going to back off for a while. The only joy I find is in the joy of others. If I can find some way to help them be happy I am happy.

Heh, no we did not preach in Pastor Sammuels congregation. I would have liked too, but he never called us. I think he read the pamphlet we left him and realized just exactly what we were here to say. He never called us. As far as Solange, (bible bash). We sat with her 3 times this week and she came to church. On our second visit we asked if she had read and prayed and she answered in the affirmative. Then we asked if she had recieved an answer. She said no. We then watched the Restoration filme. After the filme she tried to explain what she was feeling and could not. We explained that It was the Spirit. She is changing completly and is just soaking up everything that we have to teach. Irma Solange is progressing so fast!!

So many Mircles are happening. For the last 3-4 weeks we have only been able to get very few investigators at church. But this week we worked extra hard and did everything that we thought possible. And yesterday at church we had 197 people that attended (the usual is 150-160)!!! And 11 of those people were investigators that we are teaching! People ask us all the time, "does your church believe in miracles?" We relpy yes we beleve 100% in miracles wrought by God not by men. When the world thinks of mircles the image of casting out a devil or healing someone in front of the congregation comes to mind. Mircles are the natural occurence of correctly applied principles. Dilligence, Faith, Hope, Prayer, Fasting, etc.

On Sunday I gave a blessing to one of the memebers that is going through a rough time. He is 18 and walkes with us on occation. He asked me to give him a blessing of comfort. During the blessing I literally felt the Spirit putting words, ideas, and frases into my thoughts. I dont remember all that I said but I know that it was guided by the Spirit. You recieve so much more when you give, than when you recieve.

I do have a quesiton for you. I have been thinking about tithing latley. I believe that you are supposed to pay my tithing on the funds, such as cash reeback, that I recieve. Im not sure if you have done that but if you could that would be great. Mom and dad, would you be willing to share with me your experiences with Tithing? Dad, What was one of the biggest lessons you learned as a missionary?' What was your mission like?

Im not sure what I miss the most. Brother Johnson is a great man and I loved talking to him.

Today we played soccer and some good old basketball. There werent very many of us but it was fun and I had a great time! We had a great week!! And it sounds like you all had a fantastic week as well.

I would like to thank the Fox Hollow Ward for all the Christmas letters I have recieved!! I got more than any other missionary!! They just kept coming and coming. Thank you all. I wish I wish I could write all of you individually but time does not permit. I am very thankful for your love and support. You are all the best!

Well thats about it for my week. It was a good one!! I wish you all a fantastic week as well!! I love you all so much!!

Elder Dredge

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