Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April 15, 2013

Good to hear from the family again! Emma and Caleb way to tear it up in Soccer! Caleb, Im sure that you are already better than me. I never could dribble to save my life. So way to go! I cant believe its already spring, well back home anyway. Here we have two seasons. Hot and More Hot. They do have a winter but it only gets down to maybe 50 degrees at night at the lowest. Heh, Glad to hear that the little blue honda is still pumping out the miles! but for them that is like crazy cold! Anyway, so Zac and Lindsey are going into the MTC! That is so cool!! They will be great missionaries!.
This week was full of the spirit. We have done a lot of contacting and door knocking. I love it so much! Teaching people and bringing them the atonement is what Ive wanted to do all my life and now it is here!!! I cant describe in words what it feels like. We have and investigator named Palo. He has a wife and two little kids that are the best! They are so cute! We met him a couple of weeks ago and he is just on fire.! He understand everything and reads all the pamphlets and is already done reading 1 Nephi after like 2 weeks!! I love thins man. He truly has been prepared by the Lord. But he told us of an experience that he had only a few days ago. He had fallen asleep in a class and had a dream. In his dream there were a lot of religeous groups and people arguing about church. He turned to leave and a man dressed in a Black cloak pointed at him and said YOU! You are right. You have the right church. Then the man slowly took off the black cloak and was dressed in a brilliant white robe. He was super excited to tell us this story! And we were awestruck! It was very spiritual and, wow. It was amazing. He is progressing very rapidly. What a blessing!
We also had another investigator have a dream. Her name Is Ana. She had previously been an investigator of the church in another area. But was dropped for some reason. Then she moved into our area and called us up and told us to come over. She said that about a month ago her grandfather had died. About a week after he died she had a dread where he came to her and wrote something on a piece of paper. He wrote (her grandpa in the dream) 2 Nephi 31;4-5. Wow! She said right there. I need to be babtized. When can I be babtized! It was a week full of miracles and more miracles! The Lord truly is in every moment of our lives and knows what we need and how to help us. I love my Savior Jusus Christ, He is everything. The hard work does pay off. We are finding more and more people that want to hear our message! I love them all so much! Thank you again for all your emails and for your support and prayers! I love you all! Let me know where Jessiqa is going when she finds out. I am super excited for her!!

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