Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April 22, 2013

Ola! tudo bem!? Bem! Entao it was super good to hear from you all and to get the weekly update of the Dredge Clan! Zach is waching the best two years!? That is awesome! Its a great movie to be quoting. I think I may say flip out on the mission than ever before. Heh nah. 
So dad: Im just a young guy and your a... not so young guy. What was the hardest thing for you on your mission and what you did to overcome it? I want to learn a little bit more about your mission. And thank you for being such a great Dad. Mom: thank you for everything and for being MY mother! You are amazing! Remember the strippling warriors? Yep, Without you I would be nothing. Thank you!
This week was really great! We had a lot of first lessons. Because we are finding like crazy. My testimony of Joseph Smith is stronger than it has ever been before. The other day when I told the account of young Joseph in the grove I nearly cried. I was staring right at Sergio and I knew that Joseph had seen God the Father and Jesus Christ. I felt like, for the first time, that what I knew with 100 percent of my being was true. I know that Joseph Smith was called to restore this gospel to the earth. And that through him we have The Book of Mormon: the Keystone of this gospel.
Palo is doing great and he is just progressing super fast so all we have to do is find out a way to get him married. And Ana and Danilson will be babtized on the 4th of May!! Ana is 18 and Danilson is 20. Danilson is almost done with the book of Alma! And he is already inviting friends to church! They are so amazing and I still cant describe the feelings that come when you bring the Atonement to somebody, and offer them the chance to use it. I HAVE NOT KNOWN A GREATER JOY than this. I joy and rejoice in my savior as did the prophets of old, because without him I would be nothing and litteraly fall to the ground with no strength. I rejoice in my god for in him I can do all things. Thank you so much for giving the the grand opportunity to be a part of this family! I love you all so very much and pray for you and wish the best!

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