Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April 8, 2013

Ola Familia!! First of all thank you for all your letters (emails) and for all the good news. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!! I know it was awesome! That is super cool that you got to meet Pres Merrill and his wife and Elder Brown. I do remember him. I only saw him I think once or twice but we did talk for a min. We only got to watch Priesthood session. But that alone was a tremendous blessing. I forgot how much I love to watch General Conference. It was as spiritual boost and a release valve for a lot of questions and concerns that I had had were answered. I cant wait to get to read the rest of the talks. Even thought they will be in Portuguese. Jessiqa! That is so cool about your misison!! I cant wait to find out where you are going!! Emma, sorry about your finger, that kinda stinks. But congrats on the piano and with the Chinese. And Caleb and Zach as well! That I so amazing that you can actually already have full conversations. It blows my mind! Wow, you guys run a lot of races. But thats good, even though I dont really like to run. But hey good job with the medals!! Heh, dont worry, I will try to not get malaria again. And Yes, I was taking my malaria prevention pills when I got much for that.... They are not 100% perfect I found out. Oh, still havent recieved that package. Just a quesion. Did you send it normal mailing or express. Because we have decided that the only mail that gets here is express. Elder Cliffords mom sent him a package at the beginning of his mission and he still hasnt gotten it. and he has almost been here a year. Anyway...

But my new companion Elder Clifford is from Arizona. All I have had is Arizoninan companions. I love him already. He is an amazing missionary and I have alrready learned a lot from him. He is a very good teacher and very obedient. (This is good) I am SUPER excited to work with him, really though, I am. It rained pretty good on Friday. That was an understatement...It rained like a foot of water in 5 hours. We walked through ( on the paves street) water almost up to our knees!! The roads were literally rivers. There was so much water!! Holy smokes it was amazing! Edson passed the Sacrament for the first time this last Sunday! He was smiling from ear to ear! He loved it so much! He will be a very strong member in the church! We also found a man named Danilson. He had been going to chuch in another part of Luanda for 2 months! We started teaching him and he already knew basically everything. If you go to church for 2 months your bound to know a lot. But he is now going to be babtized on the 20th of April! I cant even begin to describe the joy that comes with a moment such as this. Like President Monson said in the Preisthood session Love hath won the victory! I love you all so much and I LOVE the people here and this work that I am so privelaged to participate in. The establishement of the Church here in Angola. I bear my personal witness that Christ is the Savior of our souls and through him can we be saved. I know this to be true and that Book of M├Ármon has the convincing and spiritual power to change the hearts of the children of men. I have seen it. But more importantly I have felt it. I love you all. Keep the faith!!

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