Monday, September 23, 2013

August 26, 2013

Well Today I don't have a lot of time because it took me forever to get this stinkin computer working. But this week was a miracle and the same time super rough. We have 11 new investigators this week and did LOADS of contacting. And at the same time we are trying to get the branch running and up on its feet. But we have a lot of less actives that we are trying to work with. One of them just up and left to another city and didn't say anything. But James, one of out less actives is coming back and even gave a talk in church on Sunday!! This weekend we have a campout. Its something similar to Alma Camp. We are calling is Zions Camp. Its for the Sacerdócio and anyone that wants to bring friends. Its the first time anything like that has been done here but we are all super excited!! Our investigator Lucas is really struggling though. He feels alone, partly because he is. He has no parents and his his sisters don't help him. His house is a 20 by 15 foot closet. (smaller than mom and dads bathroom) But he has desire and Is extremely humble. I love him so much. He said that no matter what he is going to be baptized on September 21!!!
I will tell you about Daniel. One day we got a call from a random number and the he wanted to meet with us. We went over the next day and found out that he lives in the boonies of the boonies. But it was well worth it. He was given a Restoration pamphlet from a friend and a Book of Mormon. (We have no idea who the friend is, a man named Salgado) From what we could tell he had already read the Book of Mormon and had started over. In just 2 months!! He also taught us the Restoration and said that he found some anti-Joseph Smith stuff of the Internet, but that that didn't bother him. He said that he already prayed and received his answer. And he knows that the book is true and that the Prophet Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God. He talked as if he was already a member. He his also a big shot in his church and said that he had already talked to some of the people there but that he was going to talk to as many as he could to see if they would accept the message. It was a MIRACLE!!! He talked for the better part of an hour and we just sat there in awe and wonder of this man inspired of God. He also testified that he knows that his church has Prophets as well. And then told us this story about how one of the leaders of his church back in the year 2000 had a prophecy. He prophesied that there was a church in the United States that had the fullness of the Gospel that would be coming shortly to this people. It gave me the chills These people have been waiting for this for years! I have never cried in a lesson before but I was teary-eyed, for a good while.
I love this work, It is difficult, but I have to remind myself that I'm not in it alone and that there is someone who has already passed thought it. The refiners fire.
I Love you all and pray for you often!!
Keep the Faith

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