Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013

Our new appartment is a house, and its the biggest in the mission. It has two floors and is gigantic. Its pretty fun. But the work is finnaly mostly done. And yeah, we still have bugs in our house. Mostly just roaches. But we did see a bee type bug the other day that flew into our room that was big enough to eat us both!! It was huge! It scared me pretty good because it flew straigt for my face so I dove out of the way. But that sunds super intense about Emma and the soccer tournament! Congrats with the win!! What else is going on back home?
Heh, last week we played soccer with a homeless guy! It was really fun!!
We are still doing a lot of contacting. This week we had a few more of those days where eveyrthing falls through. But we truly saw miracle right in front of our eyes. For the past two weeks we havent had one single investigator at church. But Yesterday you will never guess how many we had....9!!! AHH! I was awe struck with wonder and excitement! It was, in my opinion one of the best Sundays that I have had since I have been here! And we recieved two refferals from members. And they evey brought more friends to church!! And Elder Clifford and I have been focusing a lot more on the less actives in the ward. We have 9 in our área. 4 of them came to church!!! It was a day full of miracles!
We do have a a recente convert that has been going throught some rought times lately. We have tried to help him but he just wont read pray. He was baptized right before I got to this área. He says he wants help and wants so bad to come back to church, but he just wont read the scriptures or pray. We have told him time and time again. But he lacks the motivation or something. And now he is going through the process of having his name removed from the records of the church. We are still going to try and do everything to help him, But my testimony of the Basics has grown immensly. Without Prayer and Scripture study and Church, Lucifer slowy gains more and more power over us when we neglet the simpest of things. "By small and simple things are great things brought to pass" the scripture says, But it is also by small and simple means that the Devil gains power over the hearts of the children of men.
Most of our investigators are all new now. But the work with the less actives is doing great! We had one lady that yelled at us the first time we passed by 2 months ago. But now is is praying in the lessons and was one of the ones to come to church!!! Look for any oportunity to share the gospel and the Lord will fill your mouths with the words to say!! I know the Book of Mormon is true and that it is blessing the lives of milions around the world! What a work and a wonder!!
Love you all!! Keep the Faith!!

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