Monday, September 23, 2013

September 16, 2013

So yes, I did get transferred... We are leaving tonight to go back to Luanda. I will be in an área called Viana with Elder Dunkly, a Texan. It is extremely hard to leave Huambo. I love the people here. Dad, yeah we have been doing a lot of seed planting. but nevertheless i love this place with all of my heart. All the members and the investigators. They have even been teaching me Himbondo, the native dialect. I can hold a very basic conversation, but its really funny when they see a white guy greeting them in the native language. I get a kick out of it. But Huambo is my home, We are leaving tonight on another long bus ride to Luanda. it was really hard to say goodbye, But I know in whom i have out my trust, and He needs me somewhere else. I have learned so much here in Huambo. I cant describe the love I have for this place.
Fun fact: In this last transfer alone I have seen 6 motorcycle accidents. crazy huh.
Caleb.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO!!! I can call you my bro because your my brother and my bro, yeah? Your going to be 15!! Bhaa, What the heck man, slow down. Heh, I would send you a presente but it might not get there so ill just bring it home with me next year.
As far as Daniel and Martihno, Daniel came to church but Martihno just couldn't get work off. and he is like head of the police department so I assume its pretty hard. But for the last 3 weeks we have had 0 investigators at church, but yesterday we had a whopping 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was thrilled out of my mind and the fact that Daniel came as well!! When he introduced himself he said," I didn't got to my church today because the activity they are doing today doesn't interest me very much." Heh, it was hard not to laugh. But now he is in the hands of Elder Clifford and Whitaker. I know they will do all they can for him. But i think he feels a lot better about the church now, and he went to the huge lunch we had after so that was good to create some friendship with some of the members, especially Beato.
President and Sister Merrill did come down and gave amazing training. Sister spoke on faith and teaching. She is an amazing presenter and brings the spirit so strong whenever she talks!! She said something very interesting. She asked in what ways the Savior tought. And we narrowed it down to to principles. Love. and Questions. He teaches so much just by asking questions. It was like a light bulb went off in my head, because when you yourself are asked a question you have to think about it na you learn a lot more than if somebody just tells you. Its a concept that I don't understand completely but will try more to teach in this way. President talked about Obedience and that obediência brings power. If we want to be powerful missionaries then we need to be obediente. All in all it was an amazing two days. I gave the Sunday school lesson again for the last time, before I leave.
Right now we have 13 missionaries living in our house!! its a bit messy... the Lumbango Elders came up as well as our replacements from Luanda and the assistentes. So we have had a full house the last few days. Elder Tilley is the new branch presidente here in Huambo, and I know he will do a great job! AH I love Huambo!
Well wish me luck on that nice long bus ride through the night.
Amen doku sole chalwa - (Himbondo)
Eu vos amo muito
I love you very much

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