Monday, September 23, 2013

September 9, 2013

This week was just as crazy as all the rest, granted that I did not eat another guinea pig head or almost punch somebody in the face, it was still a crazy week. Its a very difficult área, partly because its really new and a very religious city, Huambo. The Branch is very new and still have the Deer in the headlights look. But they are all starting to see that things still haven't been started yet. Its been voiced and the desires have been planted, all that needs to happen now is action. We have been stressing so much member missionary work and references for a long time. But I finally feel like the members are starting to catch the vision. The ball is going to start rolling here in no time. And President Merrill is coming down on this weekend so that will help out a lot and get the members more gung ho about missionary work. Its really cool to see things unravel along the way. But I have the feeling that I will be leaving this next transfer next week. I don't want to leave though. I loove this área so much and all these members are amazing!
But we just re visited an old Investigator that went to Portugal for 2 months but returned not to long ago. He is amazing and is super focused on the Family. He is basically head of all the police departments, doesn't participate in a religion, and is married legally. He really wants to meet presidente Merrill. His name is Martinho. His wife Vanda is super super nice as well and is due in a couple of months. Beato (a member) thinks he will be the next Branch presidente. So keep your fingers crossed.
Daniel, the man that read the BOM twice is coming along. He wants to merge our two churches together. He is having a really hard time accepting that There is only One church of Jesus Christ, but he knows what he has to do. He understood everything we told him and he paused and said. " I need to pray about this, come back in a week and I will have an answer" So keep your fingers crossed for him as well.
I love you all and hope you have an amazing week of school and work and fun. Don't Forget to have fun every moment!!!
Keep the faith!

Below is a photo of the Huambo missionaries, along with President and Sister Merrill and some Elders from Luanda.

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