Saturday, August 10, 2013

August 5, 2013

Hey family!
How are you all doing!? I cant believe that Jessiqa is already at the MTC! Im so happy for her! But I don't have a lot of time and I'm a slow typer so this may be a bit short. Internet here is a bit annoying sometimes. But thanks for the Emails everybody! Emma and Caleb and Noelle and mom and dad!! It was great to hear from all you! School is starting up already! I can't believe it! Good luck!
This week most of our lessons fell through every day so we did a lot of door knocking and contacting. Rosa came to church this Sunday! We will sit with her on Tuesday! I'm excited to see what she thought. I think she liked it because she stayed after for like 20 min just talking to people. Lucas didn't come again and we dont know why. But he is a trooper! He is trying so hard to live the commandments.
We recieved our transfers today. I am staying here in Huambo with Elder Clifford and Elder Mccune is coming down here with us! It will be super fun.
This week at chuch just as the sacrament was starting I noticed that nobody was at the door. And the door is near the road so the cars get loud sometimes. I jumped up and shut the doors and stood there just I used to do as a Teacher. It sounds like something small but it hit me pretty hard how important every single position is. Wheather it be bishop or usher. Every calling is important , because every calling in the church is a calling of the Lord. It's his church. I know it. I know that He loves every singe one of us and that he would never forsake us. He is here to guide us though the darkness. all we have to do is take a step of faith into the unknown, into the darkness. I love you all and my time is up
Keep the faith!!!

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