Saturday, August 17, 2013

August 12, 2013

Hello you big and wonderful family!
It sure sounds like summer is pretty much over. I remember the days of last min hustle and bustle to get things ready. Good luch with all of that! And dont forget to just sit back and have fun and laugh for a while. First of all thank you to Larena for the email, and for the pictures of Lake Powell and the wedding! They were all great! And Jessiqa is already ready to leave! Wow, that was short. She will be an awesome missionary!
This week was frustrating. So this new house we moved into has a lot of problems. So we have constantly had workers in and out of our house. There have been days that We have had to stay in house most of the day because of the workers. It was driving me crazy. We couldnt just leave them alone in our house and we didnt want to tell them to come back another day and delay the work. So for 3 days we didnt leave the house until 17 or 18. But during the day we did divisions and and would take turns staying in house and going out and teaching. Its a lot of stuff to do with the kitchen. So Monday to Thursday we had workers in our house. And they work kinda slow. We basically only had 3-4 days this week to work. But most of the work is done so we can leave the house when we finish our studdies. Boy am I glad thats over.
Our area is struggling a bit. Out main investigatiors are out of Huambo on vacation and what not. But we are still trying to find more people. Lucas is really struggling, He is never home and his phone is always off so we havent been able to sit with him for a while. I think he is losing interest. He is still pretty young. Who knows, maybe in a few years he will be more ready to accept the gospel. Rosa, is also very busy, but she sill wants to sit with us. Its just a matter of finding a time that she is home that we can pass by.
Our new focus is Less active work. We have been trying so hard to get a hold of all of our less actives in our area. We have sat with most of them and are trying to sit with the rest. Story of success: Edy, a less active, is 19 and we visited him a couple of times and before you know it he brought a friend to our integration night activity, came to churh on sunday and passed the sacrament and is having his girlfreind take the lessons from us! He is awesome. We are focusing a lot more on the Branch so that when we do have investigators come to church they will be well recieved. The people of the church here are still very new and the Branch is still very new. There is a lot of work to do. That is why we are working so much more with the less actives. Like it says in Preach My Gospel. We (the missinoaries) are just here to help the members do their work. And as President Hinckley said. I dont remember the quote exactly but it goes something like: There is no point to missionary work unless we hold onto the fruits of our labors, revent converts. So our goal is to get the Brach as strong as we can, reactivate the less actives and in doing so more and more people will see the Blessings of the Gospel and want to be a part of it. And the members will feel and increased desire to do missionary work. Its going to be great!!!!! Im super excited to see whats going to happen!!!
The Light of the Gospel is real! I know it! The good times and the bad times are all wonderful. Ma«ybe not in the moment but if we endure it well those around us will be blessed. That is the beauty of the Atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Its infinite!! We can overcome any challenge with which we may struggle. I heard once that the distance from God is merly the distance from your knees to the floor. Prayer is real!
Keep the faith!!
Love Elder Dredge

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