Saturday, August 10, 2013

July 29, 2013

Hey family!
Thanks! I did have a great week! And it sounds like you all had a blast at Lake Powell and Panguitch! 10 people behind the boat!? It pulled them up! Holy smokes that's awesome! I need to see some pictures of that one. Grandma!! Congradulations!! From what I heard the wedding sounded like it went very well. Out in the meadow and everything! Congratulations! Zach!  Nice catch with the big ol fish! Did you eat it yet? Jessiqa, good luck! Its already here! I cant believe it! AHHH! I'm super excited for you! You will LOVE the MTC! and your teachers and companions! It will be amazing!
Our week here was quite uneventful. Other than the fact that I got kissed by a drunk lady! We were talking with Linda (in the wheelchair) outside sitting in plastic chairs when this lady that was completly intoxicated came over to us. She started talking to us then turned to me and puckered her lips. I knew what was going to happen next. I tried to avoid it and even tried to push her away but she was already on the way to falling over and just fell right into my lap and gave me two big old bejjos! One on each cheek! Oh it was nasty. (at least she didn't get my lips) Yeah, laugh if you want...ok yeah, I guess it was pretty funny, but only after. During the moment I was completly shocked. On a different note we also saw a gang fight. It was pretty crazy. We were across the street a good distance away. We even got a contact out of it. One of the boys (20 years old) had stopped us and we were talking to him when the fight broke out. Elder Clifford said " See, thats why you dont hang out with guys like that." We left pretty quckly though.
Lucas is really hard to get a hold of. His phone has a lot of problems and he didn't come to church this Sunday. We met another lady named Rosa that is probably the most honest seeker of truth that I have met so far. She has already been baptized 5 times I think. And she says that she wants to leave all of this ( the world and what not) and follow the True path of Christ. We have very high hopes for her. She has already read past chapter 15 in The Book of Mormon in less than a week! LInda is out of town so we don't really know how she is doing. But we have a new couple. Farreira and Lilia.  The first time we went over there they wanted to talk about Eternal Marrage and what they had to do to get to the Temple!! It was amazing!
We are moving houses today to a gigantic house because the one we are in has a few holes in the roof and it is nearing the rainy season. Yes! We did hear about the visas! We all said a prayer of thanks as soon as we found out! The Lord is ready to harvest Angola!
I love you all! and wish that this week will be one never to forget! Keep the faith!

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