Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 28, 2013

Ola! Familia!

> Desculpe que nao fiz email ontem mas temos uma conferencia com
> Presidente e Irma Kretly. Entao fazemos p day hoje e tambem email.
> It sounds like you all had a blast this weekend at the good ol ranch!
> I alawys did love that place!
> So Huambo was the central point during the civil war and we see blown
> uo buildings and buildings COVERED in bullet holes. There are even a
> few half traks (its like a tank) still here with the guns mounted on
> top and everything! They are a bit rusty but its pretty cool. I will
> have to take a picture and send it. I dont have loads of time today
> so I will do pics next week...maybe.
> We became a Ramo (Branch) this Sunday!!!! Elder Castleton is the
> Branch President and Elder Fergesun is the second counselor and a
> Recent Convert of 2 months is the First Coulselor!! I cant believe
> what a miracle I witnessed on Sunday. The spirit that I felt then and
> that I feel now is a clear and perfect response from the Lord that
> this is right and it is now time for Huambo and the people here. Ah!
> It was amazing! I cant describe it. I love it!|
> Our conference yesterday was amazing and I learned SO much! And also
> learned (again) how incompetent I am, and how much more there is to
> learn. We have a new goal here in Huambo, To focus even more on
> families and to have 1 new lesson with 1 new family every day. It is
> a ginourmous goal....I love it!! We have been coulseled to do this,
> and I am reminded of what Nephi Said in chapter 3 verse 7. The Lord
> provides a way.
> Elder Kearney is a great guy!! I love him to death! We get along
> really well. Our investigators are mostly families and we even have
> several progressing families!! (the entire family!!) ( Sorry for my
> spelling) We have an investigator named Linda. She is 50 somthing
> and has lived a long life. She was shot during the war (when she was
> 16) in the stomach and the bulled paralyzed her from the waist down.
> (The bullet is still in her and has started to infect her blood, she
> is in a wheelchair) She is the most amazing woman ever and I love her
> so much! When I gave her the Book of Mormon she almost cried. She
> comes to church and we are also working with her son Supresa. She
> loves this gospel and I can fell the love that the Lord has for her.
> We met an amazing family the other night! They accepted to be
> baptized, but only on terms if they came to know that the gospel is
> true. I am very excited for them and know that they will progress as
> they learn more! The fathers name is Tohy and the mothers name is
> Ghina and they have a 10 month old child.
> Well I need to go. But thank you for all you do and for your support
> and know that you all ar in my prayers and I love you all so much!!!
> Just like President Eyring said "The lord is in a hurry in Africa!" I
> know it is true and I can see the vision of the Prophet Daniel and
> Joseph Smith, about the stone cut out of the mountain, taking place!!!
> Elder Dredge

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