Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 20, 2013

Hey Everybody!
Thanks to everybody for all the emails and the support! I still cant believe that school is almost out! Im getting old, whew. Caleb, Emma, and Zach are doing a play in Chineese! Che! Thats crazy! They probably know more Chinese than I know protuguese. Noelle: Good luck with the job application and drivers licence eh?
Ok, so Huambo is pretty cold compared to Luanda. Or at least thats what everybody told me. it is like perfect weather. The Angolans think it is super cold and they all wear winter coats. Yeah, big poofy winter coats or at least a light jacket all day. We are in the mountains and there is A LOT more trees and plants and fields and flowers. There are for of us missionaries here and we dont have a senior couple here. Oh, and President Thompson is leaving tomorrow for Canada. I will miss him and Sister thompson a lot. They are amazing. My new companion is Elder Kerney. But he has been in Luanda the whole time ive been down here. I have not yet worked with him, but he should be getting here tomorrow. Our house is alot nicer than the one I came from. We have a table and chairs and even a water heater!! I havent taken a hot shower in a long time. We still fault energy a bit. Ad there are a lot less bugs here. So in the airport in Luanda I had to wait for three hours because my flight was delayed so I started talking to this lady that was going to Huambo as well. Before I knew it, it was time to board the plane and I had given her the first lesson, and gotten her contact information. My second day here we went by her house and did na overview of the First Vision and answered questions. We went back yeserday and levf her with a book of mórmon. I am really excited to see where it goes with her.
Interesting fact: We can but ice cream popcicle things on the street for 25 cents. Its pretty nice. I love it here in Huambo! On Sunday we had 30 people there including us missionaries and 5-6 babies. There are about 15 active members here in Huambo and we will be made a Branch this week!! I am so excited!! I know that the lord is with Africa right now and that Everything is possible through him! I love my Savior more and more every day. Without him I am nothing. Thank you for all your love and letters! I love you all! Keep the faith!
Elder Dredge
Oh yeah, letters will take a while to get here because they will still go to Luanda, so the only time we will get letters will be when someone needs to travel down here to us. Ate Mais!

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