Monday, June 3, 2013

June 3, 2013

Hey there all yall! I was glad and super happy to recieve all of your emails! I love hearing from you all! I am sending some pictures. I hope they make it. This weekend sounded like a blast and it sure sounds like summer is in full swing.
This week was a crazy one! But I loved every min of it. It was super hard just to keep myself going. Linda the lady in the wheelchair is out of town so we havent seen her for a week or so, but we will for sure go back this week when she returns. Tohy and Gata, well, they have been pretty busy too. But we got 12 new investigators this week and half of them are families!!!! We met a man named Doiz Anjos and sat with him on Saturday and he came to church yesterday. He even bore his testimony! He said " I dont know much about your church, but I know its true, ámen."  Heh! It was amazing!!!
We also sat with Antonio. He lives a long ways out of the city in a mud hut. He is very humble and has 2 children and will be baptized on June 30th.
Oh and Jesse (friend of Denílson) from my old área was baptized on Saturday!! I love him so much and am so happy for him!!
We also saw 2 wild boar just walking around. They had some big tusks and I had the sudden urge to go tackle one , but I decided against it.
I know this Gospel I true and I absoulutly love this work and this people with all my heart and I can't wait to get to know more of them and share the Gospel with them!  Below is a statue of a guy I don't know, but it was full of bullet hole, so I decided to take a picture.

 We had a big breakfast with A LOT of pancakes! and some sausage!
This is my bed. If you notice it is above my desk and above the window seal. That is because it is 5 matrasses (Camas)
Here is one of the roads we walked down. Full of mud huts and cool stuff. (This is where we saw the 2 wild boars with tusks!)


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