Thursday, October 24, 2013

Visit to orphanage in Luanda

Stephen and the Elders in his area got to visit an orphanage last week.  Following is from Stephen's email.  Below are the photos and email I received from a worker at the orphanage. 
Today for our activity we went to the orphanage!! It was something that, up until now, I had only seen on TV or read in a magazine about the orphans in Africa. I loved every min of it. There were about 30 orphans there today but on other days the numbers swell to over 100. It was nice though because we go to do a lot of 1 on 1. We got ther in time for the classes, and today they were doing math. So I got put in a group with three little boys and started going over basic math. We were all given a small cup of beans and did small math equations adding and subtracting beans. Then we used packets that had come from care packages. Remember all those packages that we would always put together with the tooth brushes, soap, towels, pencils, chalk, etc...? i never thought they actually made it here. We used small math booklets that had been put together at a youth conference back in the states. And the children here love it!!! It was something that I will never forget. After that we played around in the cement yard for 30 min. I learned a lot of new games and had loads of fun. those kids love the missinaries. They always beg for the men in the white shirts to come back. I loved it so much!! The children here are so much fun and are always ready to have some fun!

Hello from Lovely Luanda!
My name is Kathy Ryan, and I am an American living in Luanda, Angola
I volunteer regularly at the orphanage.
We feel so privileged when the Elders are able to help out with this service project. You will see from the attached photos that Elders Dunkley, Ferguson, Banta and Dredge gave up part of their P day to assist.
The orphanage is run by Irma Domingas. She has 55 children that live in, but the numbers swell to over 100 each day, as school and lunch are provided there.
The picture with Dona Isabella shows the Elders with Sister Domingas' mother. She is the one that donated the property for the orphanage to start, over 20 years ago. The picture with the laundry ladies was requested by the ladies, they knew they wanted a photo with the handsome missionaries:) Think how hard those ladies work, with that many clothes to be washed daily! Note behind them is the water tank for the children.
 Hope you enjoy this little window into the good work that your sons are doing here in Angola. Thank you for sharing them!
Thanks also to President and Sister Merrill for supporting this project!

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