Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 1, 2013

It sounds like the trip was a success!! Loads of fun and swimming!! Cooleo! Sorry that your phone floated down the river Dad... But Jessiqa! Done with work and getting ready to head out to California! I am super excited for you, but you already know that!
Two days ago we found out that President Merrill arrived and that this week on Wednesday we are going to take a bus (10 hours) to Luanda for a Mission Conference! I cant even describe what it means to have a mission presidente here in Angola with us now! I can already feel the change that, now we are the Mission of Angola. This is my country and it will always be my country and my people! I know that the lords hand is in the work here with us and with President Merrill! I can hardly wait!!
This week we marked 2 more baptismal dates. Linda and Antonio already have dates for the 13 (we had to move Antonio back a little) and we just set one with Lucas ( a 20 year old boy) and with Marcia( a 22 year old girl) both for the 20th of July!! Our families are a lot harder to teach and to sit with. They are always gone or at work or not home or something. I get very frustrated when we can't sit with them. We havent been able to sit with Adelinho ( the pastor) for 2 weeks because he is so busy. And Martihno we havent seen for a week and a half!! It is driving me crazy. I guess we just have to find more families then.
We went to the zoo today. It was the saddest zoo I have ever seen...They had 1 monkey, 3-5 rabbits, a hawk, an African bird, and some horses and donkeys. The monkey was the coolest part! we fed it some cookies. It was an Adventure! We had a blast! Regardless of the lack of animais.
Welp, I am loving it out here. Ups and downs and all. Getting spit on getting ripped off, to Setting baptismal dates and bearing your testimony to the world! I love the life of a missionary!! And I love all of you so much!!

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