Sunday, June 30, 2013

June 24, 2013

How are you all doing? I hear that it is somebodys birthday!!? HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZACH!!!! FELIZ ANNEVERSARIO!! I wish you the best and hope that your airplane flys better that it has been yeah!? Wow! I cant believe that you are already growing up! And para bens with the ragnar! Sounds like it was a blast! (by the way I loved the story of Caleb hahahaha!!) Way to go!! That is a long way to run. Forca ai,because I am not a fan of running. I will try to send more pics next time.
Im not sure if the card has arrived yet. I wont know until somebody from Luanda comes up here to Huambo. We dont have mailing system here, just in Luanda. So everything goes there and then comes up to us when someone travels. Maybe it will come with Elder Clifford?
We had a great week even though we didnt have very many lessons. I love Huambo so much and the people here are just amazing!! We had 13 investigators at church (between the two duplas) We had 7 and the others had 6. Our investigator pool is almost more that our members. we had 19 members at church! we found out transferes and Elder Kearney is leaving and Elder Clifford (thats right, my last companion) is going to be coming up here with me! Oh, im going to miss Elder Kearney! He is a Rock of a missionary and of a man! I will admit, I was suprised that we are called to be companions again, especially after only one transfer, but im cool with that. Heh, guess we didnt do something right the last time eh?! It was the last transfer for President Kretly because on the 30th of the this month Presidente Merrill will arrive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant describe how excited I am that we will be made our own mission! It is a Miracle! Wow, I cant even wirte about it without getting excited!! I love Presidente and Irma Merrill already!!
We met a couple named Martinho and Vando. They are amazing. we knoced on their door said we were missionaries and they invited us right in. We ouldnt even get a word out. We sat down explained who we were and our purpose and left a pamphlet with them. When we came back a couple days later they were ready for us. They had read The Restoration pampleto and wanted to know about The Book of Mormon! We explained the Restoration and The Book of Mormon and gave one to them. Then Elder Kearney asked if they would be baptized if they came to know the gospel was true....... His response. "What do we need to do to be baptized?" Holy Smokes!! I was taken back! We explained that all it takes is that you have testimony and live according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Martnho had lots of quesions about commandments. He is na insired man. He asked about the 10 commandments. Then asked if there were other commandments that we are to obey. (nobody asks that question) I am very excited to see where The Gospel takes them!
Antonio will be baptized this Saturday if al goes well!! And Linda (the lady in the wheelchair has accepted baptism on the 13 of Julho! Adelinho (the almost pastor of another church that said he knew that our doctrine is more correct) came to church!! It was a week of Miracles!! I know that this Gospel is true! I know that when we exert all of our force to do the will of the Lord he will bless us and the lives of those around us!! The age of miracles has not ceased!!
Keep the Faith! Elder Dredge

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