Sunday, July 28, 2013

July 15, 2013

Thanks for the email. Heh, I bet that was a long drive to Lake Powell. I remembre when I did it las Summer I sat in the middle of two of the seats because there was 4 of us in the back of that truck. My cabose still hurts... I hope al goes well with the Panguitch and Lake Powell trip. Don't do anything too crazy yeah? Jessiqa! Ah! I cant believe that its almost here!! I'm sure the talk was a huge success!!  The time is almost here! Im so excited for you!!
This week we did a lot of contacting, but still mamaged to get in a lot of lessons! We met some really cool people! It was a great week full of ups and downs. President Merrill came to visit and to see our living conditions. He gave a training to the members! It was really good! They all loved it, as did we! We will be moving houses soon because of the 2 big holes in our roof right now and the distance our house is from the Chapel. We walked from our house one day to the chapel and it took about an hour and 15 min. Its pretty far. So we should be moving soon.
Lucas the 22 year old that lives in a janitors closet, is doing amazing!! He is even sharing the gospel to other people and his family!! He is very humble and willing to leave everything behind to serve the Savior.  He even expressed desire to serve a mission like us. He got really excited when we told him that he could!! Its amazing to see the Gospel and The Spirit change peoples lives! We will have a baptism this Saturday! Antonio!! We are building a font right now, but if it isn't ready then we will go down to the Lake! Im super excited! Everything here is going great! Its super cold in the mornings and super toasty during the day. Kinda strange, but oh well. I sent some pics so hopefully they should get there. Thanks for everything! I love you all!! Keep the faith!!

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