Sunday, June 30, 2013

June 17, 2013

Hey Family!
Whew! What a week! It sounds like all is well back home! First things first. HAPPY FATHERS DAY and HAPPY BIRHTDAY TO GRAMMA AND GRAMPA DREDGE!! It sounds like it was great day, and week! I remembre those camps and EFY. I loved it all!! "The soggy bottom bunch"??? Thats a new one. Há! I like it! Good luck with Ragnar!
Dos Anjos leaves to Luanda the beginning of next month so it will be the privilege of the other misionaries to teach him and his family. I love this work!!
This week we sat with a man named Angelinho. He is basically a pastor for his church. but after we sat with him on Saturday he told us that our docrine was better than theirs and that as soon as he was done with his commitments that he already has in his church that he will come to ours. Wow! I was not expecting that . He knows so much about the bible, and he knew that there was something missing. And so when we were able to answer ALL of his questions he was amaized. I loved it!! That was one of the highlights of my week!! But I do have to tell you an experience we had with two people of aother church. We sat down and right off the bat all they wanted to do was bible bash. So after we calmed them down we tought The Restoration. It went well, until we ended. They were NOT in favor of our beliefs at all and were sure that we are an apostate church. As soon as they started talking bad about our church and The Book of Mormon AND Jesus Christ I couldn't take it anymore. I raised my voice and told them that they could not talk like that! I bore my testimony almost yelling, but at the same time I felt the spirit literally like a fire that engulfed my whole body. I will never forget that feeling.
I know without a doubt that Christ suffered for our sins. That He is our savior and it is our privilage to help out with His work. I know that Book of Mormon is true! I know it and can never deny it! I love you all so much and am so grateful for the blessing I have to be a part of this wonderful family.

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