Monday, July 7, 2014

June 23, 2014

Hey family!

We had a pretty good week, I was more difficult and stressful than the others. Almost all of our lessons every single day fell through. So we were left with no choice but to knock doors and do contacting. Elder cook is doing great and is really picking up with the Language. Today is actulally his Birthday, Speaking of birthdays, Happy birthday Gramma Dredge!!!! I love you!! And happy birthday Zach!! on the 27th of course!!! your going to be 8!!! Wow!! Congradulations!! Your growing up so much!! I hope you all have the best birthdays ever!!

We are seeing the miracles of the Lord everyday. Sometimes if I dont pay attention I miss them and they fly right past.

On Thursday we had lunch and, yep, you guessed it, Funge. Elder cook actually helped make it. All it is, is cornflower and another type of flour mixed together and put in boiling water. The taste isnt that bad, its just the texture. I thought I was over it and had, had enough funge to consider myself a veteran, or so I thought. While eating one particular bite several chunks of funge slid down my throat and agitated my gag reflex... oops... nah, I didnt vomit or any drastic thing like that, but I came as close to vomiting as you can and still not vomiting. My stomach convulsed, my abs squeezed, my chest collapsed, and I instinctively turned to the side in the event that if it did come back up it wouldnt get all over the table. Long story short, The Dredges have naturally strong throat muscles. It took me a minute to take the next bite...but I finished the plate. Whew.

Our big success of this week was Isabel and Danilson. We were able to mark dates of marriage, baptism, and Temple marriage with them. They have been investigators for more than a year now and have been waiting on casamento. It finally happened!! They accepted the date of 17 October for Marriage and 18 for their Baptism. And their son John will be able to perform the baptisms. It will be a special moment for them. And in October of the following year they are going to be traveling to the temple to be sealed as a family for time and for all eternity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im doing great and Loving every min of it, And if im not loving it im at least trying to love it and think of how much I will love it in the future :)

Well, its about that time of the day again. I love you all and wish you the best of weeks! I love this gospel and the Lord. He knows whats best for me, and even if I dont know why, or what, he still loves me, inspite of my natural and selfish desires. I thank him so much for putting up with me. The scriptures are the source of eternal truths. I love pouring over their pages. This is the Gospel of Christ.

Com amor

Elder Dredge

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