Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014

Hey there family!
Wow it looks like the week was full of adventures! CONGRATULATIONS ZACH!!! You are officially a member of A Igreja de Jesus Cristo Dos Santos Dos Ultimos Dias!! I am so happy and proud! You are a great little brother! And were you all in the parade. I never did have the knack of riding horses although it is something on my list of things to do in the summer...not like I have a list or anything. I still cant believe you got a rat...
We drive around in a white 15 passenger van. I will have to take a picture and send one to you next week. I guess there is a plus, we get to do email at the office. So I will be able to send a few more pictures. Elder Chatwin is from Arizona and is a lot taller than me. It seems as if all of my companions are taller than me. The only companions ive had shorter than me were Elder Kearney and Elder Francisco. Im just a short guy, I guess. Our area is called Futungo. We are working with some of the eternal investigators right now. Three of our families have known the church for more than a year. I have only met all of them only once because I only have been in the area for a very short time. But I really like them and am growing to love them all!!!
I still cant get over driving around everywhere. Its a lot different than catching a taxi or walking. I might put on a bit of weight sitting in a car all day. The traffic here is horrible. Without notice or reason a four lane road will suddenly be reduced to a one lane road and then we have the bottleneck effect. Its crazy. So that is the downside to driving in a car, traffic. President said that I might be getting my licence and take over driving the truck. That will be an adventure.
Also...Happy birthday America!!!! As you all know this week was the fourth of July. So to celebrate we made hamburgers and fries, and went and taught the gospel!! It was a great day, I will include a picture.
Im not sure how Caitano and Palmira are doing because I left the area. I hope they are doing well. The other Elders said that they went over Saturday night and that it went well. I hope and pray that they progress.
That's about it for me this week. I am loving it! Today I studied in Alma about prayer and counselling with the lord in all our works. Alma 26 and Alma 37. Those are some great guides as to how one should pray and truly commission with the Lord through prayer and receive answers. I know that we are able to talk with God though our prayers and all good thoughts that are directed to him. And I know that he hears them. He knows. So the next time any of us is in doubt, I hope we fall to our knees and petition Heavenly Father for the ability to align our will with his. It is possible. I love you all so much and pray for you every day!! I wish you the best of weeks!!!
Com amor
Elder Dredge
Jose Francisco and his wife.

And here is the infamous Feliciana. I love these people so much. It was hard to leave Benfica.
                                                      Here is Isabel and her family. 
This is our spider friend. Don't worry, my hand is about a foot away. And its just there to show you how big that sucker was. It was huge,,, for me anyway.
                          Here I am on the way home from soccer... This is my "got lost" look.

                                                         Fourth of July scheduling

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