Friday, November 8, 2013

November 4, 2013

Thanks for all of your emails and for the birthday wishes! The birthday came and went. I don't really fell like 20 but I guess I am. Its a little strange but ill just have to deal with it I guess. Halloween sounds like it was great!! Sadly we did not get to carve pumpkins because the store in which we saw them no longer had them when we went by. Here they celebrate it on November 2nd and call it Dia dos mortos (day of the dead). Zach, Emma! I love your costumes!! They were great! Sounds like you got loads of good candy! And Caleb, did you scare a lot of kids with that costume on the roof! Heh, That looked like a lot of fun! Dad, I am not a fan of spiders but para bens! You held that nasty tarantula with no fear. Heh, I almost laughed out loud here in the cuber cafe when I read the part about you "showing your new friend to mom."  Hahahaha!! Mom, sorry, but I haven't received the package yet. From what I hear it has already arrived its just stuck somewhere in the process of arriving. In other words. I should get it... nah just kidding. It should be here this week. And thank you for the pictures!! I just received them 2 min ago!! They are all great!! I will try next week to send some photos.
We had a great week. Being in a tripla is a whole new experience. Everything had to be done with three people. It can get annoying at times but at the same time its super fun! Elder Francisco is a great missionary and is so much fun to be around! But the area of Viana is doing great! we have several investigators that are progressing very well and that have baptismal dates or marriage dates. We moved chapels two weeks ago so now it is in our area. We have been doing a lot of contacting around the chapel. Its really nice when someone asks where is it located and we just point across the street and say "Its that house right there." Cool success story, this week we had 11 investigators at church!!! It was nuts, they just kept coming in and coming in! I loved it!! We have a man named Mateus that we just met in the Praca. He is one of the people that have been prepared for years to hear the gospel. He is about 45 years old, is a policeman, and has, consecutively, read almost finishing 2 Nefi in 3 weeks!!! He just wants to be baptised and be a member of the church. We have a few more people like him that are very strong investigators. 

This week we had a nasty rain storm with lightning, thunder, the works! It was amazing! We were very far away from home (it was night and we were on our way home) when it started. There was no other choice. An hour later and soaking wet we finally walked into the house. I loved the rain. There is nothing like rain in Africa, It just has a different feeling to it. I loved it! Well, that's about it for this week. We have been working really hard and its starting to pay off!! I love this work and know that it is the work of the Lord. How else would a 20 year old like me be able to go out to Angola and invite others to come unto Christ! I love it all so much! This is the best time of my life! And I'm almost halfway done with it! AHHHH! Time flies when you blink. I love you all and know that I am praying for all of you!!

Love Elder Dredge

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