Monday, December 9, 2013

November 25, 2013

To the Family of the DREDGE!

Hey there everybody! How are you all doing. I hope everything is going well back home with you all. Thanksgiving dinner sounds like it was really good. Oh I miss moms pies! They are so good!! Maybe you could send me one.... heh, or maybe not. Anyway while you were eating scrumptious food Yesterday I was trying out some good old fashioned rat... yep that's right, Rat. It was cooked and actually tasted like and had the texture of beef jerkey. it was interesting. In response to your question, yes we are safe from the riots, but we had to stay in house again this Saturday because of more riots and protests. But it's all good, nothing happened and we are all fine. Alberto and Glaudice are doing great! Thay are so much closer to being married!! They are receiving lots of support from the Branch and the Presidency. We are so excited for them!!

Wow Caleb and dad doing the good ol home teaching. Way to go! Caleb you will love it! Its a bit strange at first but in a little while you will learn to love doing home teaching. So nice job!! Keep it up!! And what's up with you guys and all these races! You're just like Forest Gump or something, Run run run! Para bens and Boa Sorte!
This week was a lot slower and we had almost everything fall through. It was a rough week, a fighter to get through. But it wasn't too bad. We are teaching a very old woman that lives across the street from the chapel named Rosalina. I don't know if I have mentioned her before but this week we set a baptismal date with her for the end of Dezembro!! And she was very excited to be baptized!! She is the nicest lady and calls us her children, and we call her Grandma Rosa. It's great! Also this week I went on a Division with elder Clifford (our new Zone Leader). It was really good. Since we have been together so long, when we taught that day our teaching just flowed together smother than ever. It was really cool! But other than that not much else happened this week. We are trying to get a hold of all the less actives but it's very hard. They usually don't want to sit with us. But we are slowly sitting with one here and there. Its good progress.

I wish you all the best of times this week and health and happiness as well!!

Love Elder Dredge

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