Thursday, May 8, 2014

April 21, 2014

Hey there family!

I had a great week and I will apologize now for the brevity of this email. In this new area of Benfica there are not may Cybers. We spent most of the morning searching and only managed to find 6-7 that did not work or were closed or had some sort of problem. So here I am sitting at a desk in a 12 by 6 foot room with two computers out in the middle of no where typing on a laptop. But hey, its cheaper than the nicer places, so thats a plus.

This new area is really spread out and is mostly residential. We have a baptism this Saturday. Sobera. I actually did his baptismal interview before I was transferred and now I'm teaching him. Cool huh! We have a nice house. And yes the cookies did make it and the bread did help a lot! Thank you. I will give the books next Sunday at church. Elder Nash Is a great missionary. he is still new and working on the language but we are going to work really hard here!! I am in a tripla with Elder Rodrugues as well. He is Angolan. He is actually a member from the first area that I served, Terranova. He is waiting for his visa. Its funny because he always used to walk with is in Terranova and now I am serving with him.

we will be watching the rest of conference with the members this weekend!! Wohooo. Now I can finally see what everybody has been talking about!

well, that's about it, sorry don't have loads of time. I love you all and wish the best for you

Elder Dredge

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